Sunday, June 29, 2008

Something big is right around the corner!

The Symbian Foundation announcement this week will change the business strategy
for mobile space in the following years.

Android from Google is one big part of the reason for Nokia to pay 400M to buy Symbian and donate it to open source.
Thinking about the Symbian/Nokia relation, this is the milestone in the use of open source by large tech companies like Nokia,

Nine years ago, when i worked for Nokia, I found it is a company always ready to big change. I really respect to that.

However, things are not clear to some related parties yet:

  • Employee
In such big move to open source, Some teams in Symbian and Nokia will be cut (like what happened for UIQ).
some time will shrink to fit the community driven mobel (How those managers find there position in community
model?). As a symbianer, Do i want to wait for the special bonus?

  • Microsoft
M$ will be the only company, who charge $ for mobile phone vendor. Let's see what will happen for them.

  • Apple
Will iPhone be the most popular mobile device like iPod did for mp3? Can the company fight with foundation
supported by major vendors and operators?

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