Thursday, December 20, 2007

Open Source "Best Practices"

Check out the Best Practices for Open Source project from

Most of the "Best Practices" are also followed by in-house agile development team.
Such as:

  1. Technical Communication

  2. Version Control, Document Management, and Distribution

  3. Build and Test Management

  4. Project Management

  5. Knowledge Management

I can't agree more that open source products have achieved a remarkable degree of quality with very low cost because of the following reason.

  1. Developers are self-selected by their interest and knowledge of the application domain.

  2. Requirements are tacitly understood by developers who are themselves users of the software.

  3. Technical communications (including bug reports) are conducted in public. The public nature of open source helps developers take pride in their successes and think twice before releasing faulty code.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Installed Ubuntu 6.1 on my new flash drive today

Installed Ubuntu linux on flashdrive (2G) today.
Thus I can still keep my Fedora on harddisk, and switch back later.

Even better, I can boot and run the popular Ubuntu anywhere as long as i plug-in the flash driver.

What is the difference before Operation System and application software then?

The more we use web apps, such as google doc, salesforce, the less we care about Operation System.

Here is the link to follow

Monday, December 10, 2007

Google doc has everything except macro

I have created a spreadsheet for my wife's portfolio today.
The spreadsheet has three sections:
1. US Stock
It is dynamic table, since i can use googlefinance() cell function to retrieve real time quote for us stocks

2. Mainland Fund
Keep tracking the fund investment in china.
However, the googlefinance function doesn't support get stock/fund price for hongkong or china market yet.

3. Bank Investment.
Bank money market account.

I feel that google doc is really handy. It allows me to finish this complicated document for less than an hour. What is the most wanted feature for me then?
Macro! Macro! Macro!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

That is SELinux policy problem.

System -> Administration -> Security Level and Firewall -> SELinux Tab. Change
"Enforce" to "Permisive"

Or we can config to only allow this policy
System -> Administration -> Security Level and Firewall-> SELinux tab ->Modify SELinux Policy ->Compatibility -> Allow the use of shared libraries with Text Relocation

Sunday, December 2, 2007

PHP tempalte + CSS = new website in one day

Just created a new website last night. How can i do that in one day? Here is the answer:

  • CSS:Separate the presentation with content by using CSS stylesheet

  • PHP template:Define website structure using PHP template --all the headers, footer, main menu, sidebar...etc are added by php include

  • Contents:the contents dir will only keep clean page content without any presentation, and site structure.