Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Goolgle site itself is not robot friendly

Just checked
google site search engine setting

It is 1st search engine in the world, but it only allow other agent to read from news.
Really Funny!!!

User-agent: *
Allow: /searchhistory/
Disallow: /news?output=xhtml&
Allow: /news?output=xhtml
Disallow: /search
Disallow: /groups
Disallow: /images
Disallow: /catalogs
Disallow: /catalogues
Disallow: /news
Disallow: /nwshp


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Add Google Analytics to your Blogger

Since the blogspot doesn't provide traffic monitor by default. need to install some counters by youself.

I found the easy way is to use Google Analytics.
But the problem is, you need to register on google analytics first,
then login to blogger to update the template manually.

Need to check if the process can be done automatically from script.
Since they share same google id anyway.
Can you modify blog template using GData API?

Need to check it out this week!

Disable Flash plugin on Firefox

I don't like most flash from internet.
Since the took at least 50% CPU from my computer.
So i installed the flashblocker, that will not download
flash content by default at all. You can click the empty picture to
enable the flash when needed.


There is also a similar one called AdsBlock. one guy said it is event better than flashblocker

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Bus speed of USB, 1393, IDE, SATA and FC

USB 1.112Mbps
IDE HardDisk ATA6666MB/s
IDE HardDisk ATA100100MB/s
SATA1 HardDisk150MB/s
SATA2 HardDisk300MB/s
FC (Fibre Channel)HardDisk2Gbits/s - 4Gbits/s

msnim in HTML code

Here are some new Hyperlink Command Codes for MSN IM

  1. msnim:add - Allow your visitors to add you to their MSN contacts immediately. Example: Add me to your MSN Messenger contact list
  2. msnim:chat - Clicking this link will open a conversation with and allows instant chatting. Example: Click here to chat
  3. msnim:voice - Allow your visitors to start Voice chatting with you in just one click. Example: Start a Voice chat with me
  4. msnim:video - Launches a Video conversation straight from a web page. Example: Start a Video chat with me.