Thursday, May 24, 2007

Post some eclipse interview questions

Since i have worked for eclipse during the past three years. i did quite a few interviews.

Each time i need to prepare some questions in advance.
However there isn't any eclipse interview Q&A on internet so far.
So i decided to post some generic questions to share within community.

I will add more questions such as emf, pattern, views... when have time. (I am crazy busy recently for the Eclipse Europa release.)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Agile Offshore discussion on

There is a very interested discuss going on at
about agile offshore.

From those post, some are not memories from the offshore dev.
My point in the thread is:
As i always said, you are agile team locally and want to go offshore.
then first step is the find an agile offshore team, then build long team releationship.
this will lead a success in long run

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The swt event logger/debugger (1)

Since Eclipse GUI is also event driven, it is good to be able to monitor the SWT event at runtime. It will be even better if we can setup event logger filter by widget.

I still remember that M$ DevStudio do provide tools to inspecting windows and tracing events. That is really useful when deal with some tough problems. I am thinking about building a similar plugin for eclipse platform , which can find the widget using mouse and trace all events (or any type of events) on that widget.

Based on that plug-in, we can build event breakpoint feature for Eclipse platform. In the new Eclipse 3.3, there is a new class loading breakpoint feature, which will pause the debugging session when loading a particular class into Eclipse jvm. The event breakpoint is similar to the above. it will break when user selected event occurs on particular widget.
If you are doing a lot of bug fixing on other code not wrote by yourself, you will also want this feature really hard!