Tuesday, January 9, 2007

delete ^M in vi

Need to delete ^M again in some schema files.
Why it always happen, why can't those softwares handle it internally.

Hope the M$ and Novel deal will help to eliminate those small and big difference between Unix and Windows world.

Anyway, here is the step to delete ^M suing VI.
The ^V is CONTROL-V and ^M is CONTROL-M

'ga' command in vi can show the hex value of current character.
If you move cursor to ^M, and give 'ga' command. it will show:
<^M> 13, Hex 0d, Octal 015

This is actual value of ^M we dislike

Friday, January 5, 2007

Google Desktop Hack -- add two clocks for two different timezones

Just hacked the Google Desktop to start two clocks for two different time zooms.
I need this feature really hard, since some of my co-workers are located in Dublin office (8 hours from my time).
Do not need to calculate the time difference by myself anymore!

I will become an idiot one day since i am more and more depending on computers to do all stuff.
Anyway, check out my current desktop screen shot.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Enable Virtualization on dell laptop

Virtualization is the next big thing in PC industry. The intel Core2 cpu already support that.

However, the virtualization is disabled at BIOS level by default on dell laptop.
For my case, sometime, i am running WinXP and Linux together , So i want the WinXP running on one CPU and Linux running on the other CPU separately.
By disable this feature, the VMPlayer can still work. But it will give you warning message during start up.

To check out if the virtualization is enabled or not.
use the following command:
'$cat /proc/cpuinfo'
Check the flags section of the output. If there is vmx flag, that means the vmx has been enabled.

To enable virtualization in BIOS for Dell 9400,
"Post behavior->Virtualization->Enable"


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Dell 9400, Overclock, BIOS

Just got a new laptop two weeks ago.

Here are some information about it
1. hadware configuration for dell 9400
17inch LCD, Inter Core2 T7200 CPU, 2G 667 RAM, 100G HDD at 7200rpm.
ATI X1400 video card with 128M RAM.

It is really fast laptop, indeed i use it as my workstation now.
Alrough it is really heavy (4kg+), i still carry it between home and office everyday.

However, i must say that the quality for dell insprion product line is poor compare with the latitude ones. I already replaced the keyboard.

I think nobody like those BIOS comes from DELL or HP. Since they locked the front side buses. That means you can't overclock the system. For my case, the T7200 should be easy to run with 2.13GHz speed without any problem.

The Bios's version is A04, i updated with latest version (A06) from dell support site

Here are some interesting configurations in the BIOS
* All FSB related information are read only
* The Multiple Core Support has enalbed by default
* HDD Actoustic Mode: it is set to bypass by default, i changed to 'Performance', which can get faster HDD but noisier. That is ok to me, I don't think laptop is noise at all since i used to work with those big HP. Solaris box before.
* Virtualization: See the next post